I invite you to explore true, natural, healing through Homeopathy, where internal harmony & health is restored, and a higher level of awareness and well being is seen...

Homeopathy is a art & holistic method of healing and it addresses root/basic cause of sickness. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted, energetic & spiritual in action. They are thoroughly proved on healthy human beings, they provides deep healing at all levels (Physical, Mental and Emotional situations). Remedies are given that are unique to the individual by matching with the person's Internal state with a most similar Homeopathic Remedy (in minute doses).

Now through homeopathy you can opt a natural, holistic approach, for your life, a way to resolve all your difficulties with this spiritual method. You can eliminate lot of medications which has unknown side effects no intervention of painful needles, No dangerous chemicals that can possibly harm your body, No prescriptions that may be withdrawn from the market tomorrow due to some unforeseen side effects, No extensive tests that are painful and make you worry while waiting for results.


Kavitha Kukunoor is an accomplished homeopath with deep insight into the nature of what needs healing. Her work represents years of study , practical foundations in working with people and current modern day innovative technology. Anyone who is considering her as their homeopath is fortune.

Ambika Wauters, director, The Institute of Life Energy Medicine

Namaskar, Dr. Kavitha! You are a wonderful person who offers Love through Homeopathy to the ones that are lucky to be around You! You are helping the world to be a better place, because YOU are the CHANGE we want to see in the Universe! Your humanitarian knowledgeable self, offers us, Clients, a precise dose to our Homeostasis: Keep up this work of Love and Homeopathy in waves of awareness, as Debby Bruck used to say...

Best wishes from Dr.Regina Rianelli, Doctoral student in Sciences, Homeopath, University Professor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Kavitha Kukunoor embodies the spirit of homeopathy in her person, her compassionate caregiving and in her heartfelt desire to heal suffering.  Once you have come into her sphere of healing presence, you will be forever changed.

Dr. Nancy Gahles DC,CCH,OIM

For your overall health and well being, just find a good Homeopath who is willing to pay attention to all your problems and provides holistic healing. (no limit to your problems - you can say 100 things at your consultation) and one look for the problem to go away completely, addressing the root cause and provides fast recovery with natural remedies.

I really enjoyed the one-on-one homeopathy class. It was an amazing opportunity to work with a classical homeopath like you and get my questions answered directly. Everything we covered was presented very thoroughly and I appreciate how organized everything was. Thank you Kavitha for such a wonderful learning opportunity.

Cheryl Steinberg - Wellness Consultant, EFT-ADV

Homeopath role is highly complex in understanding the individual as a whole.

Consider what homeopathy can do for your quality of life: You visit a homeopath for a specific complaint and since homeopathy is a holistic medicine (this means the whole person is treated, not just the disease), your main problem improves, and your general well being and any other problems also get better even deep rooted psychological (or) life obstacles in relationships, at work, in the family will also improve.

Kavitha's approach in her practice is both professional and dynamic... I appreciate her enthusiasm and insight in Homeopathy... Her willingness to explore & discuss her clients problems, desire to benefit them in a gentle manner & commitment towards her Homeopathic profession is truly inspiring ! It has definitely been a great experience being associated with her !

Dr. Preety Shah BHMS, Bombay

Met Central AYUSH Minister Mr. Shri Shripad Yesso Naik on behalf of Homeopthy World Community (HWC) at NewDelhi on August 8th, 2018.