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- Review from Dr S Praveen Kumar, Professor and HOD in Dept of Medicine & PG Materia Medica at JSPS Govt Homeopathic medical college , Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, India.
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- Review from Dr Gopala Krishna, ex- principal of JSPS Govt Homeopathic medical college , Ramanthapur, Hyderabad, India.
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I would like to give a four and half stars to this book and request/ advise all the persons to read this interesting and inspiring book.
- Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD (Homoeopathy) Homoeo Cure & Research Centre P. Ltd. (Uttaranchal), INDIA.
- Detailed Book review given by Dr Rajneesh Sharma check that here
"A very well written book by an enterprising young Homeopath in a different and challenging environment. It truly reflects the spirit of a strong personality, the grit and commitment to battle through the challenges and ultimately find one’s true self. It is quite inspiring and this autobiography should be a beacon of light to every young person who feels that life is difficult because of the sudden responsibilities that destiny has thrown at them."
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- Dr Srinivasa Rao Nyapati,M.D (Hom), Managing Director, Ramakrishna Homeo Stores (P) Ltd,[estd 1937]. One of the Earliest and a Leading GMP Certified Pharmacy in INDIA.
Attitude takes one to great altitudes is true in the personal and professional life of Dr Kavitha Kukunoor. She has balanced both the facets of her life and brought perfection. She has successfully turned the obstacles into opportunities with great diligence and patience. Her life is an example to many of the homeopathic students for excelling in their career. The words of Robert Schuller " Tough time do not last for long period but tough people " has been proved correct in the present times by Kavitha. I recommend this book to all the budding homeopaths for a serious reading. Wishing her all success in all the future endeavors.
-Dr.Srinivasulu Gadugu, Assistant Professor,J.S.P.S.Govt.Homoeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad, INDIA
Dr.Kavitha kukunoor's book 'Beyond the limits' spills a positive attitude towards the reader especially on life of a woman in an interesting manner. The best thing in the book is that she reveals the secret behind her progress in an article "ALL SMILES" which inspired me a lot. She stood as an example for an achiever, proving that 'Where there is a will, there is a way'. I recommend this book for every modern lady homeopath who leaves the system of medicine on marital grounds and family responsibilities. I congratulate Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor on achieving her dream and stood as a role model for many a woman.
- Dr. Shashi Kiran Aarani B.Sc(Comp), BHMS, MBA Hyderabad, INDIA. Author of ebook 'Shashi Kiran's Glossary - A Literary research on Boericke Materia Medica' (Narayana publishers)
The book Beyond Limits is a inspirational book contains life story of a remarkable woman and her journey as she dealt with life’s challenges and wonders.I felt very touched as a reader by the efforts Kavitha has made to reach her goals. Filled with memorable and inspiring stories the book will give you the blueprint you need to achieve any goal any of us desire. Her book is a true source of inspiration to me and all others and I can assure you that if we follow the principles suggested in the book Success is assured to each one of us.
- Vidhi Ghosalkar, Finesse Academy , Michigan
- Medicina Futura Homeopatica- The Andra Pradesh Homeopathic Association,Hymatnagar,Hyderabad INDIA.
- Detailed Book review given by Dr Durga Prasad Rao, BHMS check that here
"Kavitha'a sincerity, kindness, determination and wisdom shine through every page of this wonderful book. Her extraordinary life story woven with great insight and commitment make this a deeply moving and valuable journey into the both the heart of this remarkable woman and the rich world of homeopathy."
- Vajra Matusow, California, USA
- Review given by Vajra in memory and on behalf of world famous Homeopath late David Warkentin, the creator of MacRepertory and Reference works - California, USA.
"I appreciate the themes of the book: ‘never give up’, ‘never lose your identity’ and ‘follow your passion with self confidence and strong determination’. I believe that if one follows these themes as illustrated by this book of Kavitha, success is assured."
- Dr. Rajan Sankaran MD (Hom)- World Famous Homeopath, Bombay, INDIA
- Dr. Sankarans Clinic
My student Kavitha has proved beyond doubt the old adage "Where there is a will there is away". In my analysis I have noticed that 98% of women graduates of Homeopathy donot practice Homeopathy. Of course there is a change in the trend and about 40% of them are practicing homeopathy in this country (India). I have hardly heard any one reaching the shores of Atlantic or Pacific practicing homeopathy. Of late there is a paradigm shift and atleast few of my old women students are successfully practicing homeopathy. Kavitha's book is an inspiration to the upcoming homeopaths; she has proved "if you are determined you can" I wish her all the best in all her future endeavours.
- Dr. N.S Prasant, Homeopathic Physician - Hyderabad, INDIA. Board of Referees and Advisory body, I.I.H.M Ministry of health. Govt of India.
- Formerly held several positions which are as follows: Additional director (Homeopathy) Govt of A.P. National president I.I.H.P, Chairman for board of studies, N.T.R.University of Health sciences. P.G. Professor H.O.D. Organon & Philosophy, Principal of Govt Homeopatic medical College cuddapah. Post Graduate Guide and Examiner. Member of NAAC an autonomus body for assessment and evaluation of colleges of AYUSH.
“I think that all readers will be impressed, moved and inspired by this book. All of us are confronted to challenges in our life, but few of us face them with such determination, courage and faith in oneself and in life as Dr. Kavitha. I felt both very touched and emulated as a reader by the dedication and efforts she invested since 1996 to reach her goals. 15 years later, she is now totally justified to write - I achieved success by accepting my weakness first, being persistent, and moreover facing obstacles with hope and patience.”
- Mario Guilbault, Homeopath – Canada
“Dr. Kavitha has written a book that inspires those who have a dream and the stamina to go forward to make it become a reality. As founder and administrator of a worldwide community of professional homeopaths from every country, I am often asked about the means to start a practice or clinic in the United States. Since, members of the homeopathic community live in 50 states with differing rules and regulations, I find it hard to answer all these requests with certainty. A book telling the travail of hard work to reach a goal, in simple language, to those who may be in a similar situation will motivate more people to search out the answers and find solutions to living their passion in a new country. Dr. Kavitha's generous and kind spirit comes through and adds much needed spirit and compassion to our world.” With admiration for her intention to give so much to the community by putting pen to paper and documenting her story, I send Dr. Kavitha blessings of health and success in all her endeavors.
- Debby Bruck, North Carolina, USA
Founder and administrator of Homeopathy World Community - North Carolina, USA
"Beyond the Limits" is a courageous intimate portrayal of a woman coming to the US from India with a lot of ambition, hope and plain hard work. The descriptions of juggling young children, two jobs and cooking traditional India food were poignant and I could feel the challenge jump right out of the pages of the book. Kavitha is a homeopath and her dedication and passion for homeopathy is inspiring."
- Melissa Burch, CCH, RsHom(NA), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
- Inner Health
"This is a heartfelt account of one woman’s determined effort to follow her own inner path and overcome the hurdles she found before her. Her dedication to the notion of becoming a homeopathic physician and her accomplishment of this goal are truly inspiring."
- Julian Jonas, CCH, Lic. Ac. Center for Homeopathy of Southern Vermont, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA.
“Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor has written an inspiring tale. For many women in the modern societies, this book can give something major to think about if they want to give a new direction to their life. My favorite is the very last part when Dr. Kavitha says, “One should never compare their husband with someone else's husband.” This is a good life lesson for women in general, whether they are from the East or the West.”
- Dr. Vatsala Sperling, PhD, PDHom - Vermont, USA
Author of “For Seven lifetimes: An East-West journey to a spiritually fulfilling and sustainable marriage” and a series of seven book based on Indian mythology.
“The first time I picked up the book, I was forced to leave it only because it was dinner time and I realised I had to stop but I had already read 45 pages of the book!! I guess this itself speaks tons about the book. As a person I love reading and am very choosy about what I read. When a reader can visualize what the author has written or starts feeling the author himself is reading it out to him; well this according to me is the sign of a good book! On many occasions I could visualize Kavitha doing her chores or writing down all items on her to do lists or carrying that lovely the smile on her face when her mother-in-law called to say “Hello” after nearly 5 months of training or the point where in she received her certification & registration to practice professional homeopathy in USA... I never lost Kavitha throughout the book from the time she arrived in an unknown land as a woman dependent on her husband, to when she emerged as graceful woman in the end who is saying that she has accomplished her dreams and is now practicing homeopathy full time after years of hardship. All I can say is that Kavitha indeed struck the red coin at the correct angle to move it to the right exit hole, to borrow an example from the game Carom Board, that too gracefully!! This book is simple and genuine and a persistent piece of art. It will inspire many in India and abroad. I am honored and thank god that I have known a person like Kavitha.
- Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan, BHMS - Homeopath from Bombay, India
This book is very interesting, each and every page was remarkable, and I sensed lot of peacefulness in my mind and body & happiness in me while reading it. The book emphasizes about self evaluation and its importance in a person's life. It clearly mentions the method of documenting what is gained and what is lost and also what all can be achieved in a person's life on a piece of paper, at the end of the day or week or any convenient time. I felt that by following that method of evaluation every person can always try and improve his/her life by learning lessons from their past experiences and working on their faults. The book also appreciates the husbands who motivate and support their wives to handle multiple responsibilities. It clearly draws attention to the role of a husband behind a successful wife and highlights their importance in maintaining a perfect balance between their careers and household responsibilities. After completely reading this book I felt that this book can make wonders in everyone's life and it can bring inspiration to others for leading a successful life.
- Suresh Kumar, Felix Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Hyderabad, India
I was so impressed when Kavitha told me that she is writing her life events as a book. I couldn’t resist asking her to send me the copy of the book even before it gets published. First time when I read the book, I really felt so happy and glad that Kavitha accomplished all her goals. After reading the book couple more time, I am convinced that this book gives very good motivation and positive spirit to make impossible things possible. I already read the book 3 times and for sure I will read many more times. All the best to Kavitha for her future goals and I am sure she will make them happen.
- Sujatha Tammineedi, Software Engineer, Ford Motors, Michigan
"The book is a well written memoire (or rather challenges faced) by Dr. Kavitha in her personal life and career. She is very open in sharing all her experiences and the success she achieved by constantly trying (and not giving up) for her goals and aspirations. I hope the book will inspire all those who read it."
- Kiran Kumar Ponnoju, Software Engineer, Los Angeles
“Kavitha's journey is an inspiration. Her willingness to share her experiences openly and honestly is refreshing to the soul. Kavitha's objective observations of her experiences allow the reader to fill-in his/her feelings with thoughtful emotion. A great compilation of her work and a better understanding of Homeopathy as it crosses the globe. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the humanity, Kavitha!”
- Lana C. Harris, co-worker at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
"One day I was walking on the BCBSM floor for something and noticed a young pretty lady walking by with glasses on, a pen and papers in hand. Immediately I noticed her grin, which was clearly showing that she has achieved something really important. From that day forward we crossed each other often on the floor and became fast friends. The first thing I thought about Kavitha is 'hmm, she is proving right in front my eyes that a homeopathy doctor can do an IT job. I thought to myself, is it possible, can an IT person be a doctor?’ My answer was nooo way, but after a few years being her friend I think I learned an important thing, which is 'with willingness and dedication, anything can happen…” “Thank you Kavitha for this wonderful book, expressed very well in very short and sweet expressions. I was so impressed when you said that you took your husband’s words as a motivator when he said that you wouldn’t be able to pass the certification. The fact that you took it on as a challenge proves that you have a great attitude. Keep on that same path, setting goals and surpassing them!”
- Manju Ganna, Accenture Technology Solutions, Texas
"Kavitha (the author) does a nice job of really giving the reader a clear mental picture of her life in the US and the struggles she overcame as she followed her dream. The book can really provide some inspiration to anyone who knows what it's like to really want something and to go for it."
- Angela Fichera, Journalist, Michigan
I liked the book. Kavitha has a passion to write her biography and present to the world so people can learn and relate to her experiences and work towards success. This is the main thread line of the book and she managed to continue her expressive description till the end of the book. The book has good flow and makes you to read through the content without getting bored. Innocent and true life experience brings a fresh flavor into the book. Indian working women will face most of these at one point of their life and can derive much inspiration from Kavitha's story.
- Anitha Bommanaveni, PMP, IT Manager, Ford motors, Michigan
"I am proud of you the way you have mentioned in your book that you have gone through so many hurdles to make your journey successful and happy. You are a role model for all those woman who wants to do something in their lives and your book is very inspiring to every one. Good wishes for you and your book."
- Faiza Khan, teacher at Kindercare, Novi, Michigan
"I saw Kavitha's book 'beyond the limits' in the temple's office, I just gone through the book for half an hour and came to conclusion that it is a well written book and good compilation of things to inspire others. Congratulations Kavitha on your achievements, book and profession. Good to know about Author.”
- Srinivas Gudeti, volunter at SV temple, Novi, Michigan.
"I picked up Kavitha’s book after putting my son to bed, thinking that I will read a few chapters and then sleep, but once I started reading, I could not put it down. I am an avid reader and I know what a good book is after reading a few pages of it. Kavitha’s book is one of the best things I have read, her writing keeps the reader engaged and does not wander off at any point. Dr. Kavitha’s story is very inspiring to many people including myself who come from a similar background and face similar situations in life. Thank you Dr. Kavitha for taking time to write your story and share it with others and inspire them. Your book has reminded me of the power of being positive and facing life's challenges head on. If I ever get an opportunity to work with you and learn from your experience, I will be honored.”
- Dr Jyothi Parimi, BHMS, Homeopath from New Jersey, USA.
"I met Kavitha few months back only, but she is such a sweet person and has impressed me immensely in every way in such a short time. I have read her book “Beyond the limits” few weeks back and I enjoyed reading the book thoroughly. I am also an Indian woman and live in U.S and after reading this book it relates to many women like Kavitha who has to face many hardships initially in U.S. I am very impressed that she is practicing homeopathy by over coming all obstacles and reputed as a good practitioner. Homeopathy is a non-toxic form of medicine that stimulates your own body's healing abilities to treat a wide variety of ailments. Homeopathic remedies are safe and non-toxic they are tailored to your address your whole body and disease conditions. Kavitha, thanks for giving me a chance to read a wonderful book”
- Neena Peket, Cosmetologist and Hair Designer, Michigan, USA.
“An insightful account of an Indian woman’s choices and decisions in American society. ALL women, from all walks of life, can relate to Ms. Kukunoor’s story.”
- Amy Seaver, teacher and mother of two, Michigan, USA
Dear Readers,
Ever attended Personality Development training classes?
Many aspects of one's personality development are taught in those classes and importance is given on Personal Goals, Focus on those goals, Grit, Determination, Planning and performance activities to achieve the goals etc. The authors activities to achieve such GOAL in her life is clearly described in the book BEYOND THE LIMITS by Dr. Smt. Kavitha Kukunoor.
Look at the sequence of activities in her life. As a child she wanted to become a doctor who does not give injections to the patients. Probably she was not even knowing what it takes to become a physician. She attends EAMCET exams and gets a seat in a Homeopathic college. She refuses to join an Allopathic college even when her father goaded her to do so. She assists homeo doctors and eventually starts her own practice. But has to close shop after shifting to USA with her husband. Learns computer software and starts working, but pursues her studies in homeopathy to receive a qualification, which is required in America,to practice as a homeopathic Practitioner.
She does multi tasking by tending children, husband, doing household chores, studying for the homeopathic exams, and working as a software professional. Eventually passes the homeopathic exams and starts her practice as a homeopathic practitioner in USA.
She had an AIM of becoming a doctor who does not give injections and by hard work, FOCUS, GRIT, DETERMINATION and PLANNING achieves her Goal of starting homeopathic practice in USA. What better example can be there for a Personality Development class? What better example can be given for the word FOCUS?
An interesting piece of advice is given to her by a friend, during her beginning days of life in USA. The friend observed “ A woman has to earn something – no matter, even if it is just a little – in order to build confidence in herself. This advice added the small impetus required by Mrs. Kavitha to adjust her life style, plan multitasking, plan her time management etc to achieve her GOAL. She also has some Noble thoughts, like spreading homeopathy by contributing the proceeds of the sale of her book to Homeopathic World Community, started by Debby Bruck of USA, a site which gives information on latest homeopathic developments and other related information.
She wants to inspire other women to take challenges and accomplish their goals. Personally, I would like to take this writing of Dr Kavitha as an example in my career of teaching Quality Development Programs.
I wish Mrs. Kukunoor the best in her career as a helpful Homeopathic practitioner.
- Kuram Srinivasachar Anand, Retired Mechanical Engineer, Homeopathy lover, Bangalore, India. September 2nd 2012
A wonderful, humorous book, very interesting. Good job Kavitha
- Anita Sen, Chief Advisor of The Jesus Way International High School, Secunderabad, AP, India
More Education, much work and many responsibilities can make anyone feel stressful, especially the woman. But after reading this book I felt it was only a phase and a way to stretch your limits. Kavitha Aunties, "Beyond the limits" is one of the gem and a true inspiration to prove one self. I recommend this book specially to woman who wants to earn passion for their self-identity and needs a balance in their life.
Every person faces a critical situation to manage their life, but you are defined in how you are accepting this challenge. I think Kavitha Aunty has proved herself and gave her valuable suggestions in her book. I loved reading the book.
- Rakesh N, Software Engineer, Michigan

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