Private Request for Consultation : Your initial visit includes (consultation fee & remedies) covers the one - two hour in-depth consultation and the first month of all necessary support. I will help you go to a level where you connect your physical sensations with your mental and emotional experiences so that a homeopathic remedy can be selected that will bring you into balance, reduce significantly the intensity and frequency of your pains and makes you feel better overall. I use latest and highly valuable homeopathic softwares like “Vital Quest” (Developed by Dr.Rajan Sankaran, Dr.Paresh Vasani and his team) and the software “MacRepertory with Reference works” (created by David Warkentin) in my practice.
For more details email (or) call the office.

Private Request for Consultation (Phone/skype/facetime only) is by appointment.
In person appointments also available up on special request.

After your initial consultation, a small follow up fee is all you will pay for every and all visits, phone and email consultations.

Consultation is available for getting expertise information from homeopathic perspective for several disorders of children and adults.

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Disclaimer : Kavitha Kukunoor is only a professional, registered and certified homeopathic practitioner and NOT a licensed medical provider in USA. She doesn't treat or diagnose or prescribe for any medical conditions in USA. Her homeopathic practise is not considered as treatment for replacement of any healthcare provider in USA. She is helping clients to boost their immunity and constitutional vitality through safe and natural healing homeopathic remedies which can bring harmony and balance in their life at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Note: What ever information you provide in this form, it is considered as absolutely confidential.

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