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Kavitha Kukunoor

I graduated with a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Professional Homeopathic medical college (Jai Soorya Potti Sriramulu (J.S.P.S) Government Homeopathic Medical college, affiliated by University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India, with a honorable designation as Dr.Kavitha Kukunoor) which was a continuous 5 plus years of serious study in Homeopathy during the period August 1990 through May 1995.
Started practising homeopathy since 1996. Currently located in Michigan as a practising homeopath.
Short Intro about myself at JAHC (Joint American Homeopathic Conference - JAHC) in 2018.

As a part of my BHMS Curriculum I actively underwent Internship of 12 months in clinical hospitals, Government Homeopathic Hospital, Hyderabad, Government Homeopathic Research Department, Hyderabad, Government Homeopathic Dispensary and gained extensive knowledge in homeopathy that would help me with my practise in restoring the sick to health.
Appreciation from Ramakrishna Homeo Stores(India) for having stood first in physiology in 1992

The moment I got honored with BHMS degree, I started my professional homeopathic practice in India. Conducted free consultations in Churches/temples in India. Check here for the events that occurred in the past Free Homeopathic services in India. "Click here to see Free homeopathic clinic pictures". I got enrolled into Rural health Society, Calcutta, India which entitled the designation FRHS.

After I got moved to USA in 1998, I did not stop my practice or my continuous education in Homeopathy, I went through all the required policies, procedures & exams for acquiring CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) from Board of CHC (Council for Homeopathic certification), NCCA Accredited , Proud member-Institute for Credentialling Excellence
I was also a registered member of NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths) which entitles me highly qualified professional designation the Internationally respected RSHom(NA) certifying that one has achieved the highest standards and competencies of homeopathic practice in North America.
I am also a certified HP Supervisor (C.HP) in Homeoprophylaxis from FHCI.
LMHI member - Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis
I am also a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner from American Association of Alternative Medicine (AAMA) However I am NOT a licensed medical doctor in USA
Qualified Professional homeopathic practitioner at NCH (National Center for Homeopathy).
In the past was also a member of Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians (HANP).

Nationally board Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) obtained from CHC.
Registered homeopathic practitioner of NASH (RS Hom (NA))
President & COO - HWC (Homeopathy World Community)
LMHI member
FHCi Board member & Certified HP Supervisor (C.HP) in Homeoprophylaxis - from FHCI (Free and Healthy Children International). For more Info on Homeoprophylaxis (Immune System Educator) check here.
National Center for Homeopathy NCH - Life time member

Honored by NCH (National Center for Homeopathy) to be on Panel to speak about "Attracting clients for a thriving practice" at JAHC Conference, Phoenix in 2018
Teaching – As time permits I do conduct classes / seminars in Farmington and Novi areas of Michigan.
To enhance my knowledge I got associated with famous homeopaths and their forums Jeremy Sherr live longdistance course, Dr Rajan Sankaran’s - Insight forum & Wednesday with Rajan live long distance course & Debby Bruck's - Homeopathic World Community.

International Homeoprophylaxis (HP) World Awareness Week - HP training document
Radio show on Homeopathy World Community (HWC) presented in 2011 providing Insights of Homeopathy in America
National Homeopathic Conference 2017 - Received appreciation from Homeopathic Medical Association of Telangana(HMAT, India).
Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association(DHMA) Appreciation for meritorious services to Homeopathy(New Delhi, India).

Click here to view picture that was taken with Dr.Rajan Sankaran at the seminar that was held on Sensation method at New York, October 2008.

Tribute to David Warkentin the creator of Mac Repertory and Reference works at the same seminar.

International CME with Joint DHMA (Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association) on behalf of FHCi International Homeoprophylaxis World awareness week at NewDelhi, India on August 8th 2018.