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I have been extraordinarily happy with the treatment I received from Kavitha Kukunoor - both with the improvement of my symptoms, and with her professionalism and skill in assessing my condition and choosing the right remedy. I approached Kavitha initially for help with anxiety. I had struggled with these symptoms for several years, however a combination of homeopathic remedy helped, but not consistently or deeply enough. Having had some success with homeopathy, but wishing for a deeper and more lasting effect, I contacted Ms. Kukunoor.
I was impressed by the way she seemed aware of current advances in the field of homeopathy, and how she used this knowledge to boost my immune system and that can address the root cause of my current illness. The first remedy she supplied me with seemed to be a perfect fit, and I soon saw improvements. I slowly began to rest better, to sleep more deeply and to have a better appetite; along with a gradual but noticeable decrease in my anxiety and an increase in my vitality and energy. Finally, as I saw my anxiety decrease, I also began to realize that many other issues I had been having began to improve, and my overall physical and emotional/mental health began to improve. Even some long-standing and, I thought, intractable symptoms began to see some improvement, which was an unexpected benefit.
I would gladly recommend both homeopathy in general, and Kavitha Kukunoor in specific, to anyone seeking a deeper and more lasting remedy to their physical or mental/emotional issues.
User- Robert - Michigan

Kavitha Kukunoor was our homeopathic practitioner for more than a year now. Our son had cold and cough issue. Especially in Michigan winter, with change in weather, it used to aggravate and last quite long. Most of the medicine use to give temporary relief, but cough used to occur frequently. In the first visit itself, Kavitha Kukunoor made him very comfortable. Asked lot of related questions, explained him which medicine she will be giving. He started taking medicines regularly. Almost within couple of months, we started noticing over 90%relief. Kavitha Kukunoor worked on not only this particular problem but strengthening his overall immune system. It really worked. I saw dramatic changes. Not only in frequency but also in duration of cough. We really thankful to Kavitha Kukunoor for her professionism and holistic treatment and certainly would like to recommend her to others.
User- Rohan - Michigan

For several years I had difficulty with digestion. I had stomach cramps and pain frequently and it was affecting my quality of life. I had accessed the best hospitals and doctors. However, I never got a solution, just suggestions for temporary relief. I requested Kavitha Kukunoor to help me with homeopathy. She provided me information about homeopathy and selected homeopathic remedy that suits for my whole body and that can bring natural internal healing. I feel so much better with the remedy and my quality of life has gone up immensely, there was upto 80% improvement. I owe it to the homeopathic remedy and thanks to Kavitha. The best part is that there are no side effects with homeopathic remedies.
User- Raj - Michigan

Kavitha Kukunoor helped our whole family with natural healing method and we all have seen improvement. I am more happy to tell others to use homeopathy for their conditions and if possible consult Kavitha Kukunoor. Kavitha is a spiritual healer, passionate about her work, dedicated to help people and caring about every client. Because she is very confident in her job, she has an optimistic positive energy which gives you hope and makes you feel better from the first moment you meet her. We wish she can be our family doctor, so much we believe in her.
Thank you Kavitha for bringing hope into our life - we can not stop talking about this true miracle happening to us!"
User- Anca - Michigan

With in couple of months after visiting Ms. Kukunoor my over all health condition was improved and problems affecting me much less. I felt less depressed and was more interested in being active--I could focus more easily and noticed about a 70 % -80% drop in the symptom with which I came to her. I am pleased with the improvements homeopathy has made for me, and especially Ms. Kukunoor's dynamic healing practice. It seemed as if a weight was lifted from me. Thank you Kavitha!
User- Wendi - Michigan

I know Kavitha Kukunoor since 2003, first time I met her was at my son's school bus stop at that time my daughter got bee bite. She told me not to get panic and assured me that there is a homeopathic remedy that can help with bee bite. My daughter condition improved quickly that made me think of her for our homeopathic appointments. She is very kind and a good Homeopath and my whole family consult her for all our problems, and she provides expertise information on homeopathy and selects good natural remedies for our conditions. I very much thank her for all the help she has done in restoring our health.
User- Sushma - Michigan

“I fell down from stairs at my sister’s place in Detroit and the x-ray showed fracture to my tail bone. Doctors told me that it will take a month or more to get rid of pain and I consulted Kavitha Kukunoor to consider homeopathy for my condition. I have great belief in Homeopathy and Kavitha and after taking the homeopathic remedy she selected to my surprise I saw wonderful improvement the next day itself. I stopped painkillers too as I started feeling better and was able to walk in less than a week. In less than a month I was totally away from pain and started my routine activities and happily managing my 2 year old son. I am very thankful to Kavitha for everything she has done to me and for making me feel better.”
User- Sujatha - Virginia

" I first developed acne when I was 15 years old, since then it has been on and off for the past seven years. I discovered success after receiving a series of chemical peels & blue light treatments, however to my dismay, it returned and this time, worse than ever. The peels and treatments were no longer working for me. After a year of frustration, I decided to take a holistic approach. I was a little skeptical about homeopathy, but the remedy Kavitha Kukunoor provided worked to perfection! My face is sooooo clear! What’s even better, I RARELY use cleansers and washes, now. Even when I do breakout, the bump disappears after a couple of days. In addition, to the remedy I meditate, and eliminate all negative thoughts! I am doing great overall (emotionally, mentally and physically). Thank you for all your help Kavitha."
User- Ingram - Michigan

"It has been absolutely wonderful being on dynamic method of healing. And the homeopathy remedy which Kavitha has selected helped with my symptoms and my personality in many ways, vitality improved. My periods are getting back to normal, acne has reduced, I am more composed and worrying less, feeling great overall. Your approach was very professional and effective thank you so much Kavitha Kukunoor."
User- Radha - Michigan

Kavitha is very well trained to listen carefully has provide information on homeopathy in helping with any ailment. I have struggled with hives on and off again for the last 5 years. I am also concerned with osteoarthritus and osteopenia. Kavitha was able to provide me homeopathic information and with her holistic method of healing I was able to overcome my hives. She has a wonderful personality and works hard to be helpful in supporting good health. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to build overall health. I appreciate Kavitha and her extensive experience and knowledge in this field.
User- Kristen - Michigan

After my menarche I had Secondary Amerrohoea and no periods for 1 yr. I consulted Kavitha Kukunoor when she was in India and requested her to treat me as she was a Indian homeopathic doctor. She accepted my request had taken my case in detail and given me homeopathic medicine as she has privelage to administer remedies in India. After the remedy with in 3 wks, I got my periods and my menstrual cycle got regularized in couple of months. It was really astonishing for me and I greatly thank her for this success.
User- Santhoshi from Andra Pradesh, India

Kavitha Kukunoor is known to me for several years. One day suddenly I got back pain while riding the bicycle, I was even unable to get down from the bike. Kavitha has given some homeopathic medicine (liquid), she told me to take two tea spoons of the medicine every hour for couple of times. I noticed change with in couple of doses and since then I have not faced the back pain again. When Kavitha was in India being a licensed Indian doctor she treated my daughter recurrent colics when she was 6 months old and also osteoarthritis of my mother. She is kind and a dedicated homeopath. Thank you so much Kavitha.
User- Suresh Kumar, Andra Pradesh, India

Disclaimer: Kavitha Kukunoor is only a professional, registered and certified homeopathic practitioner and NOT a licensed medical provider in USA. The information and services she provides is for educational purposes only and not meant to treat or diagnose or prescribe. For Privacy reason client last names are omitted in testimonials.